killer sick2 soft

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\2,160 JPY
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\2,200 JPY
The second killer chic series of hope!

The conventional killer chic is just connected to the receiver as it is. and the chic 2 is connected between the servo and the gyro!

Effect of use:
Steering stability is further improved!
The gain can be further lowered!
Turns at corners and rises better. increasing vehicle speed!
You can choose according to the road surface.
soft: Standard type. Suitable for all-round and slippery roads.
hard: Large capacity type. recommended for those who want stimulation. The gain can be significantly reduced.
Suitable for easy-to-eat roads and carpets.

The male connector of this product is connected to the servo. and the female connector is connected to the gyro.
Carefully check the orientation and polarity of the connector before connecting.
Be sure to turn off the power of ESC when installing or removing Killer Chic or Killer Chic 2. It may lead to damage to the ESC.
Damage caused by incorrect wiring is at your own risk.
Since this product is a regular replacement part. we do not recommend installing it for many years.
Distributor: NYD circuit