Bargain LUXON BS 10.5T

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\13,500 JPY
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\6,980 JPY
Realization of output efficiency up by special manufacturing method

Referred to as the series Rukishion common with silky feeling. motor control performance that reacts directly to the throttle operation. While taking advantage of this feature. it is equipped with a cooling fin own shape in the BS series. I will show a high cooling performance in synergy with the cooling hole with a porous structure. Also. I realize that relying on volume increase of neodymium magnet. and to have a high output characteristics to the motor itself! I have both a feeling of direct manipulation to conflicting rolling neutral at the time and torque during acceleration.

Equipped with advance adjustment function

Equipped with an adjustment function that can be easily set to the advance of up to 0 ~ 50 ¡ë to Rukishion BS body.
¢¨ For failure prevention. please 60 ¡ë below in conjunction with the setting of the ESC proceed angle adjustment.

Next-generation design that takes into account the beauty of the vehicle when installed

Is subjected to a laser engraved and processing line with the three-dimensional sense of machined aluminum body. I direct a high-grade strength.

Rotor excellent heat resistance

Effect of temperature has a large permanent magnet. it will not recover lost magnetic force exceeds a certain temperature. and reverting to the original temperature.
In Rukishion BS. in order to prevent dislodgement force due to temperature rise and adopted sintered rotor using a neodymium magnet having excellent heat resistance.

Bass sound system with

The fin is attached to the rotor axis. I will raise the powerful sound.