Bargain TACHYON AIRIA HBK Hologram black

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Inheritance of the TACHYONs proprietary Hybrid Thermal Radiated System (HTRS)

This speed controller is equipped with a thermal radiated system made possible through the use of special ceramics, which is a major feature of the TACHYON.
This cooling system has heat dissipation characteristics that surpass those of conventional cooling fans and heat sinks.

Equipped with MPRS (Metal Plate Radiation of heat Structure)

Brushless ESCs have been equipped with MPRS, which was developed by KEYENCE to attain the high efficiency of brush ESCs. This has enabled us to optimize high-current circuits.

Free Operation System, proprietary technology of the TACHYON Series

You can use the buttons to change and adjust a variety of settings of the pre-installed programs.(Compared with the TACHYON, there are some limits to the settings that can be changed and the range over which the settings can be adjusted.) We have provided an easy operation feature that enables you to return to the setting that you were previously configuring by double-clicking a button.

TAO enables you to support a wide variety of settings

By updating your publicly available software to TAO and AIRIA, you can freely change the characteristics of AIRIA. This also enables you to operate the newly equipped boost/turbo function. Because you can view detailed settings, you can configure the settings to match the course layout and the chassis characteristics.
※Compared with the TACHYON, there are some limits to the settings that can be changed and the range over which the settings can be adjusted.
※Regarding the boost/turbo function, the details are the same as the functions that are pre-installed in the ESC mode of the AIRIA.(See the information below.)
※Performing the installation described above enables the TAO to use either TACHYON or AIRIA.
To enable this function expansion, the following functions have been removed from the TAO.
・Radiation thermometer  ・Calendar   ・Stop watch

Equipped with the proprietary boost/turbo function(*)

Only this controller enables you to set three boost settings × five levels and three turbo settings × five levels.
Also, because boost and turbo settings can be configured independently, you can configure settings to match different situations.
Of course, you can also perform zero timing without boost or turbo. An LED visually notifies you that the zero timing setting is enabled, so this speed controller can even be used in regulation races that have limitations.
※This function increases the timing in levels linked to the number of revolutions of the motor.
 Boost increases the number of revolutions of the motor over all motor revolution areas. Turbo increases the number of revolutions of the motor only at full throttle.
※There are no limits on the motors that are supported by this speed controller, but when you are using the boost/turbo function, the supported motors are limited to 8.5T motors and above.

Sensor cord, RX cable, and switch cable can be removed, connected, and replaced

Each of the cables, which suffer wear and tear due to problems such as oscillation during operation, can be replaced.
As these are optional parts, you can also select from a variety of cable lengths.

This new product lets you experience the silky feeling that has only been realized by KEYENCE at a reasonable price. Whats more, this product is equipped with the boost/turbo function.
Compared with the TACHYON, which is designed for high-class users who need detailed settings that can be adjusted over a wide range, this brushless ESC appeals to a wider range of users.


Power supply

6.0 V to 11.1V (All battery types)

Max. continuous/instant current

Up to max. current produced by battery

ON resistance value

0.3 mΩ (FET standard value)

Compatible motors

Sensored motor-unrestricted (when boost Aurbo is disabled)


31 (W) x 31 (D) x 21 (H) (excluding projection)

Weight (ESC main unit)

35.0 g

Regulator for receiver/servo

6 V, 3 A Output

●List of Accessories



Instruction Manual


*Flexible sensor wire (200mm)


*Switch wire (100mm)


*RX wire (200mm)


dekal label


setting flow-chart label


double face tape


shrinkage tube for silicon wire


*assembled for body