TAO3 Smart Access

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Equipped with [Direct setting mode] that allows you to intuitively set the ESC from the driving environment
Install a database based on the setting data acquired by the top driver after accumulating tests.
You can intuitively set the ESC by calling the optimum data from the driving environment and category.
Of course. it is also possible to make fine adjustments to each item of the data rewritten by the direct setting mode and adjust the feeling to suit your taste.

[Custom menu] Function allows speedy setting changes
This function allows you to select. display. and adjust only frequently used setting items.
Scrolling time is shortened and setting changes can be made more quickly.

Setting data can be saved in the TAO main unit
As with the previous TAO series. a large amount of setting data can be saved in the main unit.
Since the data name can be changed freely. it is possible to instantly identify which course / vehicle the data is suitable for.
You can also fine-tune the saved data and save it by overwriting or saving it with a new name.
In addition. you can easily copy data to another ESC simply by connecting the ESCs.

Compatible with XARVIS / MC970CR / XARVIS XX (as of March 2021)
Compatible with XARVIS (MC970CR) / XARVIS XX.
For the preset data. we installed the optimum program for each ESC with different characteristics.

Equipped with a 2.8-inch TFT color LCD (compared to TAO: screen size 1.3 times. number of dots doubled)
The larger screen and higher definition of the TFT color LCD makes it easier to see and understand.

Supports Japanese (katakana) notation
In addition to the conventional English notation. Japanese katakana notation is supported.

Flat push button adopted
A flat push button has been adopted to improve operability.

Equipped with a variety of setting menus covering all 27 items (as of March 2021)
Like TAO (Ver.2.01). it has 27 setting menus.
Of course. the latest functions compatible with XARVIS XX. torque level. torque endpoint. and BEC voltage switching can also be used.

Maintenance-free battery-less specifications
By not installing a battery. you can enjoy it for a long time without worrying about this consumption and deterioration.
* TAO will start automatically by connecting to ESC with the power turned on.
In addition. a mobile battery or the like can be connected to the micro USB [TYPE B] terminal for use.
It is also possible to edit the saved setting data at hand without connecting the ESC.
(A connection with ESC is required when transferring setting data.)
* According to this specification. the ESC setting change by TAO is a wired method.

Specifications / Specifications

External dimensions
W51 x H98 x D10.5 (mm)


Not installed (started by connecting an external power supply to the ESC or USB terminal)

Usable time
By external power supply

2.8inch TFT color LCD

Mounted terminal
ESC LINK terminal / micro USB [Type B] terminal

Communication method with ESC
Wired method with ESC LINK cable