FLEDGE 10.5T-F (Black/FAN spec) High Torque Edition

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\23,760 JPY
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\21,780 JPY
Brushless Motor
A must-see for drivers seeking superior torque. response. and traction control!

[High Torque Edition] equipped with FLEDGE FAN and LV45 torque rotor as standard equipment!

Equipped with [A.V.S.]. the industrys first revolutionary system that realizes forced air cooling inside the motor.
A revolutionary structure that approaches [direct cooling to the heat source] with a dedicated fan mounted on the end bell.
In order to maximize the air cooling effect. air holes are designed in various places inside the motor.
It is highly effective in reducing various negative factors (minimum sensor signal error. increased coil resistance. rotor damage. etc.) due to motor heat generation.
In addition. the dedicated fan can be attached and detached freely according to the vehicle mounting space and driving environment.
In addition. the manufacturers new brushless E.S.C. [XARVIS XX (Jarvis Double X)] is equipped with two dedicated FAN terminals.
The original air cooling performance is fully demonstrated even when used together with the XARVIS series dedicated cooling fan [REY-Storm].

[Vibration reduction] structure with high heat dissipation plate
Focusing on the internal vibration that occurs when the motor is driven and affects the rotation efficiency.
A high-rigidity. special alloy plate is mounted on the top side inside the housing.
Agiles proven porous structure is added to the plate. which boasts high heat dissipation properties. and it is also a high-quality accent that makes the most of the fearless and sharp body design.

Equipped with [Direct Power Terminal System]
The power plate that connects the motor connector and the coil is integrated (first in the industry).
In addition to vibration reduction. power transmission performance has improved dramatically.
In addition to omitting the connector mounting process. solder contacts that cause electrical resistance are eliminated.

Reduction of motor weight
While attention is focused on reducing the weight of the machine. we have achieved a significant weight reduction of 12g (AGILE ratio. when the end bell fan is not installed) while realizing a vibration-proof structure.
We have achieved a weight reduction of 6g even when the fan is installed.

AGILE inherits the worlds first RC motor [M.F.C.S.]
Inherited AGILEs [M.F.C.S]. which made it possible to change only the magnetic force without changing the rotor diameter (volume/weight). and to convert it to a torque-type/rotation-type motor.
Even when replacing with the optional rotor (to be released at a later date). the rotation and torque performance faithful to the drivers operation has been achieved without compromising the motor balance.
You can enjoy changes in output characteristics such as throttle feeling while taking advantage of the original performance of the motor.

Compatible with XARVIS XX FLEDGE/AGILE dedicated programs
Compatible with the program torque level/torque end mode installed in the manufacturers brushless E.S.C. [XARVIS XX (Jarvis Double X)].
A program exclusively for this product and AGILE users that can change the torque level of the motor according to the road surface conditions and vehicle.