GRK RWD Conversion Kit Black

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\19,440 JPY
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\17,490 JPY
GRK chassis etc
Turned into GRK RWD in the top secret project. I had to repeat the test approximately one year. After war strongest? 2WD Who is. because it was held at such time. suddenly won! !
Also from GRK user. the voice of hope commercialization of RWD conversion kit many. and if make anyway. you have gone through further improvements.
And. the strongest machine that sense of stability is plus speed finally was completed! !
A fully new design. 3.0mm thickness. the upper deck. main chassis adopts split type back and forth.
It is now possible to attach the spine depending on the use environment.
The battery has to be able to also install normal short either.
By all means. Please enjoy overwhelming combat power to GRKRWD!