Reversible wide suspension mount Red

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GRK4 relationship/R31WORLD/GRK3 Suspension relationship
GRK Premium Series
Reversible wide suspension mount is newly released.

While making good use of the GRK4 / GRK series. which is a low center of gravity chassis
It is a new type fixed aluminum suspension mount that can expand the setting range.
To improve athletic performance and traction performance
The suspension pin position is widened by 1 mm on each side (total 2 mm) from the conventional suspension mount.
In addition. by replacing the suspension mount body up and down. it is possible to mount the 1mm lower arm lower than before.
By accelerating the initial movement of the suspension. you can expect a quick reaction to the input from the road surface.
First of all. only black will be released in advance (red purple will be released soon).
¡» Compatible chassis
All GRK (* 1. * 2)
* 1 ... When mounting this product upside down on the resin main chassis. depending on the spacer pin used
The ribs on the chassis interfere with each other and must be removed.
* 2¡Ä When replacing the resin suspension mount with this product. [R31W220] compatible with suspension ball 2.5¦Õ and ¦Õ2.5 suspension pin
An adjustment suspension pin spacer is required.