Limited GS2 EVO S-CFRP conversion kit

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\12,960 JPY
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\12,000 JPY
GRK4 relationship
〇Applicable chassis
・ Can be installed on the GRK Global Global Standard Series
* Recommended by GS2 RWS / GS2 EVO

〇 Product description
The GS2 EVO S-CFRP conversion kit is now available for the GRK GS2 EVO. which has been very popular since its release!
The main chassis that uses silver CFRP is overwhelmingly more rigid than the normal resin chassis !!
Bring out more fun to operate.
Front and rear shock towers of the same material are also included
By increasing the rigidity of the damper support. it is now possible to receive directly from the input from the damper.
Two types of battery holder plates are also included. one for carbon chassis and the other for long and short types.

・ Main chassis (S-CFRP)… 1 piece
・ Upper deck (S-CFRP)… 1 sheet
・ Front and rear damper stays (S-CFRP)… 1 each
・ Battery holder plate S & L (S-CFRP)… 1 each
・ Battery holder (made of plastic)… 2 pieces
・ Aluminum battery post ... 2 pieces
・ Other battery holder & battery post mounting nut & screw set