ARSS adaptive rear suspension system (black)

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\12,960 JPY
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\12,000 JPY
Rear suspension arm related
Unprecedented grip created by short arms and wide knuckles.
Positive load movement (roll) enables roll turning as desired.

Next-generation suspension system with short arms and wide knuckles.
By making the knuckle action point largely inside. aggressive load transfer (roll) is realized.
Improves grip and enables roll turning as desired.
With a wealth of setups. it can be adapted (adapted) to any application. such as competitions. rosaries. kashigari. and M-CONCEPT.
* Knuckle bearings are 1060 bearing specifications for both inside and outside.
Universal shaft is compatible with drypack type. (YD-2 series cannot be used)
Use WRAP-UP 0488-FD high traction universal shaft Ver.2 with adjustable length to expand the width of the set.
* The inner diameter of the arm shaft bearing is 3mm. Depending on the brand. the 3mm suspension shaft may not pass due to the difference in tolerance.
In that case. use a WRAP-UP suspension shaft.
* Univa length / suspension width varies depending on the application.

Short arm & wide knuckle.
Produces aggressive load transfer (roll) to enhance grip.