GALM chassis kit

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\40,500 JPY
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\36,450 JPY
4 mm long long ball stud for steering tie rod indispensable for cutting angle from this production is standard equipment.
Also included are supplementary instructions for improving break angle and accompanying Ackerman.
This makes it possible to increase the break angle of GALM relatively easily.
In addition. processing of knuckle stopper etc is necessary for cutting angle up.

OD 4th chassis kit GALM (GALM) is finally coming.
Although it is a full-fledged specification of carbon double deck + belt drive. it is easy to assemble chassis structure that even beginners can take with peace of mind.
Equipped with an aluminum oil damper on the four wheels. adopting an inboard type suspension at the front prevents interference between the shock and the wheel even at the large steering angle while maximizing the performance of the shock.
We also have a set with DAIS. Anyone can feel free to RWD drift without worrying about the compatibility of servos and mechanics.
In addition. spur gear (92T). pinion gear (23T). hexagonal wrench (1.5mm. 2.0mm). simple wrench for wheel nut. turnbuckle wrench are attached.

This product is a chassis kit.
Prop Set. Steering Servo. Speed ​​Controller. Motor. Battery. Body. Tire. Wheel are not included so purchase separately.