RX-14J JAGER.4 AWD black

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\49,320 JPY
After the release of Jaeger 2 AWD hunter born from actual war with repeated new tests of 1 year with a new project!

Expression power machine born to keep on belts! It is!
Adopted a wide lower deck designed around the rectifying effect on the side of the chassis.
The adoption of straight pure carbon greatly improves the rigidity than ever and the neutral restoring power since rolling
AWD dedicated test overlapped motor position realized vertical traction and roll control Around the steering is adopted an evolved type of the wiper type that was pulled out and is Ver.3.
Battery can be equipped with both Short Type Long Type.

· The height of the traction up and the load control is realized by offsetting the motor more than 6 mm behind the CE - RX series and upward.
· Rear Diff unit can be detached by removing 4 screws.
- The height of the motor can be changed by adjusting the mounting plate together with the motor.
· Available in 3 Above Correspondence with A Arm Support.

All the major competitions advance to the finals!
(After final prototype input)
RCDC Asian Championship
PRO RC East and West Unified Choice

set content
Straight pure carbon parts adopted
AWD exclusive middle mount rear bulk
Movable motor plate exclusively for AWD
AWD dedicated front bulk
1050 Bearing Support Center Shaft
Double suspension block
RX Steering Set Ver.3
Carbon Front & Rear Damper Stay
RX-J battery holder
RX-J front one-way unit
RX rigid axle set
(Such as required screws)

What is necessary for traveling
- Complete mechanical set for electric R / C car
Batteries & chargers for traveling
Damper. spur gear. pinion gear. bumper
Suspension relationship
Body. Tire. Wheel. 540 Type Motor