V16D Work Equip 03 # 9 (Baok Space 13mm Aluminum Silver) 2 pieces

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\1,490 JPY
Scale Dynamics
Drift Wheel Offset 6-9
¢£ The V16D series is a high-detailed wheel with an apparent rim diameter of 44 mm and a scale conversion of 16 inches.
¢£ It is stealth nut design that spoke part was made into another piece to reproduce characteristic expression of Equip
¢£ Display center cap and tire decals are included
¢£ Offset # 9 (¢¨ Back Space 13 mm). Offset # 12 (¢¨ BackSpace 10 mm). Two kinds of (The tire attachment part width 26?. Rim part total width 29 mm) are prepared.
¢¨ Back Space is the distance from the hex hub surface to the inner rim
¢£ Real Stretched Side Wall is a separate piece and it is designed to look like a small diameter wheel with a general purpose tire
¢£ We fit to 26mm width drift tire for general companies 1:10 scale

¢¨ We recommend that you use a combination of sponges for mounting. etc.. which are sold by various companies. for mounting tires.
¢¨ Please prepare a wheel nut wrench with an outer diameter of 10 mm or less for design priority.