Sakura D4 1/10 drift car (RWD) & TOYOTA 86 GReddy model set

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\15,984 JPY
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\9,800 JPY
KIT-D4RWDT86 was Toyota 86 body x GRedy + aero parts and Sakura D4 1/10 Drift Car (RWD) set that is popular.
It will be noted coolness of the drift at the same time as kit.

The FRP Chassis Upper Deck before and after the shock tower equipment
Kit standard chassis upper deck before and after shock tower adopts made FRP that are both lightweight and strength.

Adopted adjustable Y-type front suspension arm.
The Y-type suspension arms adopted in the front. ensure the steering response quick. In addition. the adjustment of the camber angle makes it easy to.

The front caster angle to 10 degrees
You can enter to the smooth corner that put the caster angle of 10 degrees to the front.

Wide double wishbone suspension employs
D4RWD was to allow a clean counter steering driving and cornering at high speed to adopt a wide double wishbone suspension front and rear.

Gear ratio
Gear ratio of KIT-D4RWD 2.06

Adjustment of the weight balance of the chassis
D4RWD because that can be a mounting position of the battery on the front mid-rear. it is possible to take the center of gravity balance in accordance with the drift.

Foil of the new design
We designed a new foil for D4RWD. Equipped with a high-performance tire. appearance. performance are both outstanding.

Oil damper and full bearing
D4RWD the oil damper and full bearings are standard.

Specifications are subject to change without notice