MT-S * SSL support

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\16,800 JPY
Ability that exceeds the class

1. it is possible to use such a setup wizard equipped car type select (model 8) Easy Setup can be performed set in easy operation
2. by CODE AUX function. which can be adjusted from the Propo to the corresponding equipment SSL (Sanwa Synchronized Link) corresponding to the function
SUPER VORTEX series. various settings and gain adjustment of SGS-01C of the SV-PLUS Series
3. the top menu Japanese (Katakana) notation and it is easy to middle class treatment for children with lightweight body (366g) (entry-level)

Basic content
method /2.4GHz computer system FH4 / FH3
CH number / 4ch
transmitter / TX-461
Applications / RC general
receiver / RX-482 (FH4T 4ch)

Special equipment
white LED backlight
large full dot LCD monitor (128 64 dots)
ST. TH tension adjuster
Adjustable trigger
body built-in antenna
telemetry function
top menu Japanese (Katakana) notation English notation switchable
dual rate
servo speed
servo reverse
Trim / Sub Trim
curve (exponential / adjustable rate control)
fail-safe function (radio / battery)
end-point adjustment
throttle type (70:30 / 50:50)
anti-lock brake function
model name (10 characters)
model memory function (20 models)
model (Select / Clear / copy)
timer (lap / interval / down)
Alert Settings
telemetry Settings
key assign (SW / TRIM)
buzzer (scale-volume change)
Transmitter battery alarm
LCD contrast
Boryumua just
Setup Wizard
RF MODE setting (FH4 / FH3)
response mode setting (NOR / SHR / SSR) Caution
Direct Model Select
AUX1 (select the operation type of 3ch.)
AUX2 (select the operation type of 4ch.)
AUX TYPE setting
· CODE AUX (corresponding to the menu of the SUPER VORTEX ZERO & TYPE-D)
Step AUX (step 1-100)
Point AUX (2 ~ 6 points)
· 4WS mixing (FRONT / REAR / NORMAL (in-phase) / REVERSE (reverse phase))
· MOA mixing (front-wheel drive / four-wheel drive / rear-wheel drive) drive ratio variable
· AUX mixing (ST mixing. TH mixing)
4 cell battery specification
corresponding receiver:......... RX-380 RX-381 RX-451 RX-451R RX-461 RX-462 RX-471 RX-472 RX-481 RX-482

Notes - Supplementary explanation
For SSL (Sanwa Synchronized Link) system

SSL system SANWA is newly proposed
If you use the corresponding RX-472 / RX-482 SUPER VORTEX Series / SV-PLUS series.
Configuration changes ESC is now possible from propoxycarbonyl side even while traveling by SSL function.
blunting and sense between intervals by adjustable without stopping the machine. the machine side of the conditioner
Tion change without worrying about. you can be finely adjusted to the race situation.

For response of telemetry system
In general. when the introduction of telemetry system. but has been said that the response is reduced. technical staff of SANWA that common sense has been resolved in its own data processing and algorithms.
In other words. the response of the deterioration is not at all. making it the best system unbeatable.
telemetry system can be used safely in the race. and then immediately analyze the valuable information obtained in the race. it is possible to take advantage of the setting and the running of the next race.

With regard to response mode
SHR. In SSR mode analog servo Please note that does not work.
When you accidentally SHR. In SSR mode to use the analog servo. because the servo is broken and does not work correctly. please do not use the analog servo absolutely SHR. SSR mode.
Digital servo (SRG series. Digital ERG series. SDX series) in the case of works NOR. Either SHR mode.
SRG series servo. SUPER VORTEX series. SV-PLUS series. HV-01.HV-12 STOCK SPECIAL works with SSR. SHR. All the response mode of NOR.
SHR. In SSR mode BL-RACER. BL-FORCE. BL-psort. F2000. F2200. F3000.F3300. SBL-01. SBL-02. SBL-03CR will not work. Please use always NOR mode.
SV-08. HV-10. HV-12. F2500 is I work in the NOR. SHR mode.