MT-44 * SSL compliant

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\46,440 JPY
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\30,100 JPY
Beyond middle class propo

High resolution liquid crystal display
Adopting a finer dot size equivalent to M12S. while adopting monochrome liquid crystal in graphing. by adopting grayscale display. more information can be displayed.
(3 data can be displayed on the graph)
Optimize positions
Optimization of steering / throttle position without using offset bracket.
Industrys First Low Voltage AAA Battery Thanks to its three-cell configuration. it is not only compact but also lightweight.
USB charge compatible option Li-Po 1 cell battery (LP1-1400) realizes further weight saving. USB charging compliant.

Basic contents
System / 2.4 GHz computer system FH 4 T / FH 3
CH number / 4ch
Transmitter / TX-471

Special equipment

[new function]
Mobile carrying handle equipment
Quick setup function
Safety Link
Racing mode
Custom Menu
micro SD card compatible
Telemetry switch function
Clock function
Environmental temperature display function
LOG data CSV output
CODE 10 support (name correspondence)
Telemetry data 3 Simultaneous display of data
Multilingual display support (Kanji compatible)
AAA dry cell 3 cell specification
Li-Po 1 cell battery compatible (USB charging compatible)

[Other functions]
Large full dot LCD monitor
White LED backlight
Full Adjustable Trigger
Telemetry function
Built-in antenna
Menu selector (multi selector operation)
ST. TH Tension Adjuster
Dual rate
End point adjustment
Anti-lock brake function
Servo speed
Trim / Subtrim
Servo reverse
Curve (Exponential / Adjustable Rate Control)
AUX 1 (Select 3ch operation type. same function as MT-4S)
AUX 2 (Select 4ch operation type. same function as MT-4S)
Failsafe function (radio wave / battery)
Timer (wrap / interval / down)
20 model memory (when using SD card 250 models)
Model name (12 characters)
Model (Select / Clear / Copy)
Direct model select
Trim Type (Center / Parallel)
Throttle type (70: 30/50: 50)
RF MODE setting (FH 4 T / F H 3)
Response mode setting (NOR / SHR / SSR) * Attention
Key Assign (SW / TRIM / DIAL / LEVER)
AUX TYPE setting
· CODE AUX (with name change function)
Step AUX (steps 1 to 100)
· Point AUX (2 to 6 points)
· 4WS mixing (FRONT / REAR / NORMAL (in-phase) / REVERSE (opposite phase))
MOA mixing (front wheel drive / four wheel drive / rear wheel drive) * Variable drive ratio
· AUX mixing (ST mixing. TH mixing)
Buzzer (scale and sound volume change)
Transmitter battery alarm
LCD Contrast
Volume adjustment
Mechanical steering angle adjustment
Small grip pad included
Corresponding receiver: * Telemetry correspondence (RX - 482. RX - 472. RX - 47T. RX - 462. RX - 461)
* Not compatible with Telemetry (RX - 481. RX - 481 WP. RX - 471 Dual - ID. RX - 471 W. RX - 471. RX - 451 R. RX - 451. RX - 381. RX - 380)

Notes · Supplementary explanation

About SSL (Sanwa Synchronized Link) system

SSL system newly proposed by SANWA
If you use the corresponding RX - 472 / RX - 482 SUPER VORTEX series / SV - PLUS series. you can change the ESC setting from the propo side while traveling by the SSL function.
Adjustment without stopping the machine allows you to fine-tune it according to the race situation without worrying about the dullness of the interval between the intervals and the condition change on the machine side.

About telemetry system

Generally speaking. introducing a telemetry system is said to reduce responses. but SANWAs technical teams solve their common sense with their own data processing and algorithms.
In other words. there is absolutely no deterioration in response. it is the best system that other companies do not follow.
It is possible to use the telemetry system with confidence in the race. analyze valuable information gained in the race instantly. and make use of it for the setting and running of the next race.
When using the telemetry function. please use a receiver compatible with telemetry.
For telemetry-compatible receivers please check on the receivers page.

Response mode

Please note that the analog servo does not operate in SHR. SSR mode.
If you accidentally use analog servo in SHR and SSR mode. the servo will not operate properly and the servo will be broken. Never use the analog servo in SHR or SSR mode.
For digital servo (SRG series. Digital ERG series. SDX series). it operates in either NOR or SHR mode.
SRG series servo. SUPER VORTEX series. SV - PLUS series. HV - 01. HV - 12 STOCK SPECIAL operate in all response modes of SSR. SHR. NOR.
In SHR and SSR mode. BL - RACER. BL - FORCE. BL - psort. F2000. F2200. F3000. F3300. SBL - 01. SBL - 02. SBL - 03CR do not work. Be sure to use NOR mode.
SV - 08. HV - 10. HV - 12. F 2500 operate in NOR. SHR mode.