PGS-CL2 DRIFT SETTING SXR compatible servo

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\10,800 JPY
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\7,500 JPY
When combined with PGS-CLII and SGS-02 for drift.
Pre-installed parameters for best settings published on SANWA homepage and shipped!

Programmable servo for SSL
Supports CODE10 (M17. M12S (RS). EXZES ZZ. MT-44)
CODE 5 (M12. EXZES Z. MT-4S. MT-4. MT-S)
Does not support
* Not compatible with PGS SETTING GEAR.
Supports Extreme Response (SXR) mode
Ultra response (SUR) mode support
Supports Super Response (SSR) mode
High response (SHR) mode supported
Li-Po 2-cell compatible
Low profile servo
High speed type
Coreless motor adopted
Metal gear specifications
Equipped with aluminum heat sink
WATERPROOF (equivalent to IPX4)

0.08sec / 60 (7.4V)
0.10sec / 60 (6.0.V)
16.6kg cm (7.4V)
14.7kg cm (6.0V)
Dimensions: 40.5 20.5 26.5mm
Weight: 50.4g
Recommended BEC current value: 3A or more

* Initializing the pre-installed data will result in the same specifications as normal PGS-CLII.

By SXR (extreme response) correspondence. we realized smooth operation twice more than SUR (ultra response) and realized the worlds fastest followability.
Amazing smoothness and fine movements that have never been experienced before are realized by combination with compatible devices.
Supports MULTI SETTING GEAR to extend functions. change and save setting values ​​of each parameter. and update firmware.
Supports SSL and telemetry. Each parameter can be changed in real time wirelessly from a transmitter compatible with CODE10.
Telemetry communication of servo internal temperature. current and volume position data to the corresponding transmitter is possible.
From PGS. the servo leads and Z connector housing will have a black finish.
* To change PGS servo settings. use a transmitter compatible with CODE10 (M17. M12S (RS). EXZES ZZ. MT-44).
It is possible with the combination of SSL compatible receiver (RX-491. RX-472. RX-482. RX-47T) or MULTI (PGS) SETTING GEAR.
* If you use a gyro (SGS-01C / 01D) that does not allow SSL connection. you cannot change the settings from the transmitter using the SSL function.
Response setting when using PGS servo
ư The operation response in PGS servo SSL (Sanwa Synchronized Link) and the operation in each response mode (NOR. SHR. SSR. SUR) are different.
When using in each response mode. make settings in MULTI (PGS) SETTING GEAR before connecting to CH1 / CH2.
Telemetry communication of the temperature. current. voltage. and volume position data inside the servo to the transmitter is possible. so the servo status can be checked at any time.
* MULTI (PGS) Initial setting in SETTING GEAR is required.
Setting items
SSL-CH (SSL channel setting) STRETC (stretcher adjustment) BOOST (boost adjustment)
D-BAND (dead band adjustment) MV-MID (intermediate torque change adjustment) MV-END (second half torque adjustment) BRAKE (brake adjustment)
MV MV-HOLD (adjustment of feeling of power over the whole area) MV-FRQ (adjustment of feeling of feeling over the entire area)
MAXMAX-PW (MAX duty adjustment)

* MULTI (PGS) SETTING GEAR is required for setting .
* When using FH5U and SXR response mode. the telemetry function and SSL function cannot be used.