M17 SSL TX-481 + RX492

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\82,080 JPY
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\58,520 JPY
Major features
We adopt TFT color liquid crystal (480 320) with excellent visibility
Intuitive operation is realized by the touch pad equipment
By adopting a detachable throttle unit. it is easy for the user to replace the throttle spring.
Achieves different optimization and coaxialization of steering / throttle position without installing offset bracket
By reviewing the structure of the steering unit. the feeling of rigidity during operation is further improved.
Steering swing adjustment is possible by exchanging parts of the steering unit.
Equipped with a charging port on the transmitter body. The charging circuit LED built into the Li-Po battery allows you to check the status during charging.
* Charging cable is not included. Please prepare a commercially available micro USB cable (B Type) separately.
Supports micro SDHC cards for firmware updates. model data. and telemetry log data management.
* Compatible micro SD cards are micro SDHC card CLASS 2-6.
CLASS 10 may not be available depending on the product.
By equipping with multi-setting gear function. it is possible to connect servo to M17 and set PGS servo.
Full support for SSL CODE10 and CODE5 allows you to change settings such as PGS servo and SUPER VORTEX Gen2 PRO in real time from the transmitter.
Equipped with a tilt carrier handle that does not break the structural line of the M17 body. Contributes to compactness by storing in the upper part of the main body when not in use
Supports southpaw change by recombining the steering unit
For users who use radio straps. strap hooks can be attached to points closer to the ideal position.
Inheriting the fully adjustable trigger mechanism. it corresponds to the users detailed taste
Includes a large steering wheel that enables finer operation
Fully customized with the included optional parts such as grip pads. brake triggers. trigger angle spacers. and various springs.
RX-491 with BIND. a plug-in that is more compact and waterproof than the current receiver. and a short antenna
Equipped with a function to read out lap time and telemetry data by voice data. Equipped with an earphone jack to support even in difficult-to-hear environments
Quick setup wizard makes it easy to set up model data and various settings

[Other special functions]
Full dot color liquid crystal display (480 x 320)
Left and right driving position switching function
Touch pad
Built-in antenna
Detachable full adjust throttle unit
ST. TH tension adjust
Safety link
Racing mode
Setup Wizard
Dual rate
Endpoint adjustment
Anti-lock brake
Servo speed
Trim / sub trim
Servo reverse
Model memory
Model name
Model (select / copy / clear / sort)
Direct model select
RF MODE setting (FH5. FH4. FH3)
Response mode setting (SUR / SSR / SHR / NOR)
Log (REC / RPM / VOLT / TLM1 / TLM2 / ST point / TH point / RX mode / reading function)
Servo monitor
Key assignment
AUX type
Trim type
Throttle type
Custom menu
Mechanical rudder angle adjustment. etc ...
Compatible receivers: * Telemetry compatible (RX-491. RX-482. RX-472. RX-47T. RX-462. RX-461)
* Not compatible with Telemetry (RX-481. RX-471 Dual-ID. RX-471W. RX-471. RX-451R. RX-451. RX-381. RX-380)

Grip pad (large / small)
Large steering wheel
Strap hook
Steering slant parts (for right / left)
Trigger angle spacer
Brake trigger (+ 1 / + 2)
ST. TH springs (hard. medium. soft. super soft)
Dial cover for southpaw