Fine spec 2.4G Radio set (TBLE-02S with)

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\10,240 JPY
[Radio set the ESC of the sensor with brushless motor corresponding with]

2 channel Radio of adopting a 2.4GHz hopping system that can be run in multiple units without the need for band management and crystal replacement I set the ESC brushless motor corresponding (Electronic Speed ​​Controller). Transmitter design with a sense of stability to optimize the layout of the battery and wheel. Wheel part is hard to glide operation feeling is also a good two-stage type grip. In addition the use of a trigger cover and grip cover I adopt a structure that is easy to operate even in the smaller of the hand. I was equipped with the standard beginner mode that can slow down the top speed by the operation of the transmitter side. Drip-proof type of running back function using the high-power FET ESC of aluminum heat sink equipped (Electronic Speed ​​Controller). Basic types of brake output setting neutral brake output setting can be set up individually the circuit with three types of protection temperature over-current low-voltage. I will respond to (Sport-Tuned motor and normal motor 540) brush motor.

Basic Specifications

¡ü Transmitter power supply: shared with the traction battery (regulator circuit built-in) ¡ü specify the traction battery: (optional) ¡ü ESC & receiver for power supply 4 AA batteries Tamiya battery for traveling various (6.6V ~ 7.2V) ¡ü ESC Tamiya TBLE-02S maximum continuous current (FET standard) forward 60A (100%) back-30A (50%) for receiver output 6V/1.5A ¡ü motor used: TBLM with sensor series. Can be used 540 brush type motor of more than 25T and Sport-Tuned motor