Razor Gill Super XX Special

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\770 JPY
The form which imaged the shark is full of powerful
It is a plastic model assembly kit of high performance racer adopting shaft drive 4WD.
Razor Gill Super XX Special is a special version of Razor Gill who was active in the mini 4WD manga New Century Racer Mini 4 Kids and Mini 4WD New Century BREAK IN. The body which imaged the sharks which strongly underwater is mounted on the super XX chassis. and the running performance is improved.
Fins that protrude to the left and right like fins and large and small air intakes large enough to make you think of Ella are plentiful.
In addition. we set a metallic style sticker for a fire pattern graphic tightening the body of Pearl Blue and expression of a logo.

Super XX chassis with attractive strength and expandability
The chassis adopts Super X enhanced and expanded type. super XX.
It further strengthens the rigidity of the whole chassis. making it more resistant to twisting.
Also. a lot of mounting holes are prepared for the nose guard and the large side guard. wide roller setting is possible.
I am looking forward to an active upgrade on the course and a curved course.
The black color chassis body is reinforced type made of carbon fiber compounded nylon resin.
ABS resin nose guard and rear roller stay are colorized with metallic gray.
Dark blue barrel tire is combined with a fluorescent green large diameter narrow wheel. and two 14 mm rubber ring rollers are also equipped.
Gear ratio is 4: 1 high speed type.

Basic Specification
Total length 153 mm. Full width 98 mm. Overall height 42 mm
With motor
Assembly is an inlay type with no adhesive required

What you need separately
Two AA batteries