BL-PRO4 speed controller (No code attachment)

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\21,600 JPY
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\19,440 JPY
Brushless ESC
The popular Yokomo BL series ESC is easy to handle and specs up to the latest specifications!
Newly equipped with the latest program.
The boost adjustment function by rotation speed and throttle position. the adjustment function of turbo delay and slope. and furthermore the brake can also change the frequency for each operation etc. It becomes possible to match with various driving style.
The case adopts full aluminum case with high cooling efficiency as heat countermeasure.
In addition. new standard cooling fans and aluminum fan guards larger than before are equipped as standard equipment. and outstanding heat countermeasures are applied to accommodate rigorous race scenes.
Changing the program can be done while confirming the blinking LED by using the exclusive programmer and the switch of the main body as before. but by installing the optional Wi - fi module. the smartphone application It is also possible to perform remote control by using. As well as changing the program while watching the screen. as well as checking the data after running by graphing. we are planning to update ESC in the future as well.

Brushless sensor type dedicated controller
Program changeable with YBP 4 programmer (option)
Boost and turbo function installed
Power feeling changeable
Advance. auto brake. brake frequency change function installed
Detailed brake adjustment function installed
Li-po 1-cell battery for running (3.7 V) compatible
Full ali case
ABS function
Reverse rotation function
Motor connection position change function
Supported Programmer BL - YBP 4 2.700
* Traditional BL-YBP / YBP 2 / YBP 3 programmers do not correspond and can not be used. The new BL-YBP4 programmer is exclusively for BL-PRO4 / RS4 / SP4.


Applicable motor
Brushless 3.5T
(5.5 T when using the turbo function. 8.5 T or less is recommended for drift traveling)
Input voltage
NIcd / NiMH: 4 to 6 cells
Lipo / Life: 1 to 2 cells
BEC voltage
6.0 V / 3.0 A (7.4 V / 3.0 A at BEC boost setting)
Case size
32.9 x 34.6 x 21.0 mm (excluding cooling fan and protrusion)
50 g (body only)

Dedicated cooling fan: BL - CF 4 1.580
Aluminum fan cover: BL - CFC 4 1.750