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World champion of 2-wheel RWD drift car

Now YD - 2 has achieved the second consecutive championship of the drift world championships. and if you run well on any road. reputation and utilization rate all over the world �. 1.
However. if a low grip tire is specified at a competition. and if it is on a P tile road with a low grip. it will not be possible to run against a drift.
So we developed a slippery (initial) S YD-2S. YD - 2S specialized for sliding road surface adopts a newly developed hybrid chassis (carbon + resin side guard) and adopts a high mount motor type for a newly developed low gear box.
Furthermore. in order to improve road correspondence ability. the position of the motor is adjusted in three stages in the front and back. and the battery mounting position is adjusted to be vertical and horizontal (3 stages in the front and rear direction). making it possible to run offensive even on low grip road surface .
In the future the team Yokomo will face the world competition with the strongest two units of YD - 2 and YD - 2S according to the road conditions.
RC equipment. body. tires. wheels etc are not included in the kit. Please purchase separately.