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Achieving a higher drift angle with further break angle increase!

The RWD drift car chassis YD - 2 PLUS. loved by a wide range of users from beginner to advanced. has been reborn as YD - 2 E PLUS with further evolution!
YD-2E PLUS realizes machine control with more stability by significantly improving the cutting angle by adopting the newly developed front knuckle and front lower arm.
Around the rear. an optional LS lower suspension arm is newly equipped as standard equipment. the rear grip is increased by increasing the down stroke.
By decreasing the rear toe angle from the conventional 3.5 ¡ë to 1.5 ¡ë. we have an ideal traction balance that can move firmly to acceleration while maintaining a deep drift angle.
For the main chassis and upper deck. a matte carbon graphite chassis that is the same as slim and rigid YD - 2 EX and EX - II was adopted. the shock cylinder was subjected to Kashima coating treatment to reduce the friction coefficient to the limit.
Equipped with aluminum oil damper in front and behind. Batteries that can be mounted on the vehicle body are available for various sizes and shapes that are currently on the market for RC cars.
Enjoy drift driving with YD - 2 E PLUS to meet the expectations of all users!

More offensive by breaking up angle!
Adoption of new type steering block and new suspension arm realizes further improvement of turn angle and wide tread!
We reviewed the position of the steering stopper. optimized Ackermann ratio. and became a machine that can be more securely attacked.

Improvement of reattraction!
LS rear lower suspension arms are equipped as standard. increasing the down stroke to increase the feeling of grip. achieving stability and speed at the same time.
By re-setting the rear toe-in to 1.5 ¡ë. the traction balance at the corner exit is increased.

Choose battery size!
EX. EX II and common matte carbon graphite chassis can be loaded with batteries of various sizes. various nicads. nickel hydrogen. lipo etc. which are currently marketed for RC.