Bargain article YD-2 EX2 Chassis kit

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YD-2 EX. a high-end model of the YD - 2 series which achieved the achievement of the world championship two consecutive years. enhances fighting power even on a low grip road and finally appears as YD - 2 EX II!

Low center of gravity concept YD - 2 EX with a solid track record as a RWD drift car chassis has been repeatedly tested at circuits across the country to newly design in order to raise fighting power on low grip roads such as P tiles which are increasing in recent years. Front ST block and front and rear short lower arm are newly adopted.
Reborn as EX II!
It corresponds to the high speed which becomes the trend of the current drift scene with the best traction performance corresponding to various situations from the comparatively high grip road surface. which is the favorable road surface of the conventional EX to the low grip road surface!
Inherited the Matte graphite chassis. Kashima-coated low friction shock etc. which all the 1/10 RC car batteries can be mounted. which were popular in EX. and the latest running and the highest class possessive feeling are balanced Have enjoyed the hot running of RWD drift with EX II !!

Newly designed front ST block / short lower arm adopted
Newly designed rear short arm adopted
Newly designed Rear Aluminum Wide Type Suspension Mount
Newly designed rear aluminum shock tower adopted
(The front desk inherits the aluminum shock tower for EX)
Important parts inherit well-established Ex

Increase fighting power with breaking angle!
Newly designed for YD-2 E series. adoption of short lower arm and ST block realizes further improvement of cutting angle and wide tread!
At the same time. by also optimizing Ackerman. you can enjoy more offensive running!

Exceptional rear traction performance! !
Traction performance is greatly improved with the newly designed short type rear lower arm.
Even with a deep drift angle of low grip road surface. it exerts more stability than before.
Throttle control with a margin becomes possible.

Choose battery size
YD - 2 E series are available for all models. 1/10 RC cars. Nikkado. nickel hydrogen. lipo etc. various sizes of batteries can be installed.
(Battery holder comes with 2 types for standard and short)