YD-2 EX 2S (Black Ver. Standard Kit)

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\68,904 JPY
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\58,560 JPY
Newest strongest EX IIS kit with the latest steering system installed at YD - 2 EX II. the highest peak of low center of gravity dribble!

In the popular RWD drift machine. the YD - 2 EX II. which has been reigning as the highest peak of RWD while constantly running and looking for the strongest name in the looks. the latest curved type round steering rack. new steering block. The newest strongest evolution version of the RWD Dori vehicles equipped with standard newly equipped rear hub carriers etc. is the YD - 2 EX IIS kit which appeared this time!

In addition to outstanding traction performance and running stability brought about by the chassis structure with low center of gravity and rigidity feeling. YD - 2 EX IIS is a top - class machine that can enjoy the superlative steering feel and runs!
It is the ultimate state-of-the-art RWD drift machine that you can enjoy free drift regardless of road surface.
Although the standard kit for YD - 2 EX IIS is a fearless black color as usual. passionate red kit with limited production at the first time. Red version is also released at the same time!

Roundly ST slide rack
New type steering block
New type rear hub carrier standard equipment
Batteries of all shapes can be installed

Standard equipped with aluminum / carbon high precision curved type ST slide rack realizes smooth and unhindered steering feeling from the start of cutting steering to maximum steering angle.
The steering block that derived the latest trail / kingpin angle is also standard equipment.