Front Direct Type Spring (Soft)

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\626 JPY
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\570 JPY
Damper & Spring/YD-2 suspension
Setting has become easier by clarifying the usage (road surface & layout).
For the spring for front. by adopting the rough wound type which is excellent in the response of expansion and contraction. it is the best match to YD-2 series with high traction. and the cornering characteristic which can feel the front grip firmly is realized.
There are two types of spring for rear. forward type and side grip type. Of course. by adopting different materials. it covers all circuits / all road surfaces.
Dare not to paint. to maximize the performance without compromising the original spring characteristics. However. sometimes a slight rust may appear on the spring surface. especially on the upper and lower cut surfaces. but in that case. we recommend anti-corrosion treatment with RC spray etc.