Program card for Drift servo

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\3,218 JPY
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\2,980 JPY
The program card for the drift servo is now available. which is equipped with a steering hunting suppression function that would further enhances the function of dedicated servo for drifting. which would be essential for RWD drift cars for competition.

The power. torque. hunting suppression. and neutral width values are adjusted to realize the reverse function of servo operation. Although the SP-03D and SP-02DV2 servos have sufficient performance even at default setting. detailed settings that meet the demands of expert drivers for more delicate operation will be possible.

For example. when driver wants to improve the drivability. or when the machine balance is good at hunting suppression area. this card would increase the power and torque to make the feeling more direct. or conversely in severe situations such as running (when you want to increase the gain value of the gyro). you can easily bring out the steering characteristics according to the situation. such as increasing the hunting suppression value by suppressing the power and torque.

The servo shell is equipped with a servo connection port and power port. The power supply can be taken from BEC power supply such as ESC or receiver. or it can be connected with a micro USB connector from a personal computer or mobile battery. A connector cord for connecting the BEC power supply is also included.

Note : Please do not use BEC and USB connector at the same time. since this would damage the circuit in programing card.