Gyro built-in DP-302 V4R quad system (For 2 / 3ch. purple)

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\7,780 JPY
A newly developed quad system that can be selected from 4 modes and is a super-high performance new-generation drift dedicated steering gyro suitable for a wide range of users from beginners to high-level contestants.

DP-302V4 gyro commentary video

The groundbreaking new quad system can be broadly divided into dual gain mode and dual gain control.

In dual gain mode. ASSIST and NOR can be switched with the DIP switch. In ASSIST mode. the gyro correction works strongly against the drivers operation. so even beginners can enjoy RWD drift easily. NOR mode gives priority to the drivers steering operation and enables more competitive driving.

In the dual gain control. the gain can be adjusted in the range of 0 to 100 for SOFT and HARD. In SOFT mode. the initial response of the gyro is suppressed and it becomes easier to catch the front grip. so it is suitable for driving on tile / carpet roads. In HARD mode. the initial response of the gyro is increased. making it suitable for beginners and large courses.

Adopting a newly designed thin housing greatly improves the visibility and operability of each switch. Even subtle setting changes can be confirmed firmly.

Product explanation video