RWD drift car YD-2AC pre-assembled chassis set

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\42,300 JPY
EP DRIFT KIT/Electric car (pre-assembled)
The best package for the first RWD drift!

Newly released complete chassis set. ideal for those who challenge RWD drift for the first time!
It is an assembled set based on the popular RWD drift car best-selling model YD-2E. and also has a transceiver. ESC. servo. motor. battery and charger. and a steering gyro that is an essential item of RWD drift. If you have the body and tires/wheels you like. you can drive immediately.
Of course. the alignment and gyro gain of each part are already adjusted. so you can fully enjoy the performance of the YD-2E even when driving in a parking lot.
Of course. it is also an option part that is common to the YD-2 series and is highly expandable.
Although it is a package for beginners. it can be upgraded to the same specifications as expert machines by exchanging parts etc.

Kit contents

Kit includes:
YD-2AC completed chassis
Latest 2.4GHz transceiver
YG-302 Steering Gyro
Running battery
AC quick charger required separately

The following items are required separately before driving.
1/10 size body for drift
Polycarbonate spray paint for body painting
Drift tires and wheels