YD-2AC Assembled chassis set Brushless specification

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\62,640 JPY
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\57,420 JPY
EP DRIFT KIT/Electric car (pre-assembled)
* Body. wheels. tires. battery. charger. and 4 AA batteries for transmitter are not included.
* Lithium polymer 2-cell 7.4V for radio-controlled cars is recommended as the driving battery. and it can be used to replace the battery holder.
It is possible to install more standard size and short size.

¡ü Further upgrade of the pre-assembled RWD drift car YD-2AC. which is ideal for beginners and beginners
¡ü A special package equipped with the digital steering servo SP-02DV2. which is highly evaluated by advanced users. and a brushless system that has become a standard power source these days.
¡ü The popular Digital Servo SP-02DV2 is a drift-only model equipped with a hunting suppression function that reduces malfunctions of the gyro. which often becomes an obstacle in drift driving. It is a popular model with many users even for advanced users. and brings a comfortable driving feeling.
¡ü And the brushless system combines the speed controller BL-SP4 with various programming functions and the latest drift motor ZERO-S 13.5T. and you can enjoy it in various situations from P tiles to asphalt and carpet road surfaces.
-Since the chassis is his RWD drift super classic model YD-2E. you can enjoy sufficient performance with the same specifications and customize with various optional parts.

¢£ Assembled drift radio control chassis set
¢£ Brushless specification RC device installed (BL-SP4 ESC + ZERO-S 13.5T motor)
¢£ Latest 2.4GHz transmission / reception system
¢£ Drift dedicated SP-02DV2 steering servo
¢£ Drift only YG-302 Steering gyro
* Body. tires. wheels. battery. and charger are sold separately.