YD-2 damper tune-up set

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\2,754 JPY
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\2,580 JPY
YD-2 suspension
A tune-up parts set that lowers the frictional resistance of the damper and enhances the basic performance of the machine by moving it smoothly.

The O-ring. which supports the damper shaft and prevents oil leakage. is heavily burdened. The fluorine-based O-ring used in this set not only operates smoothly. but also has the property of not absorbing the silicone oil inside the damper. making it possible to maintain a good condition for a long time. Similarly. by using a material that does not absorb silicone oil for the diaphragm attached to the top of the cylinder. it is possible to keep the damping state of the damper constant.

The shock shaft is coated with titanium and has a high surface hardness. The radio-controlled car may get scratched on the shock shaft during operation due to sand and dust while driving. and oil leakage may occur due to deterioration of the O-ring etc.. but this titanium coated shaft can prevent those scratches. . Keeps the O-ring in top condition.