YD-2AC Type-Z SP-02DV2 Servo Specifications Assembled

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\49,280 JPY
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\44,350 JPY
EP DRIFT KIT/Electric car (pre-assembled)
The latest RWD drift car YD-2Z has been assembled. and the RTR chassis equipped with RC equipment has been further upgraded. An upgrade set that combines the SP-02D V2 steering servo with the optimum tune-up for RWD drift cars.
By installing SP-02DV2. which has a function to suppress steering malfunction hunting. which is a major obstacle for RWD drift beginners. stable drift driving is possible even on slightly uneven road surfaces. Also. since the servo is used by many expert drivers. it will be an item that can be used for a long time even when the skill level is improved.
All other components have the same specifications as the YD-2Z. Spare parts can be replaced and abundantly released optional parts can be installed. so expandability is perfect.