YD-2ZX Limited Edition Assembled Chassis

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\162,000 JPY
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\150,000 JPY
The YD-2ZX Limited Edition. the culmination of the YD-2 series. which is celebrating its 7th year since its launch. is now available!
The composition. which has been enhanced to the utmost with carefully selected parts. is a finish that is not an exaggeration to say that it is the ultimate collectors item.
The alignment setting reproduces the data of Team Yokomo Hayate Gotoh. and we will provide the carefully examined parts with the accurate chassis assembled by the professional builder.
He is a special machine limited to 100 cars all over the world. and the chassis with the serial number makes his presence stand out.
In addition. the back of the chassis is printed with special specifications. giving it an attractive look with its unique originality.
It will be the supreme machine configuration that all his YD-2 users pursue. but it is also equipped with a new ultra-lightweight slide rack rail as a new part. and driving performance is also a concern. Its good to see. and of course its a gem that is even more satisfying to run.

Main components
¢£ Lightweight slide rack rail
¢£ Graphite bumper / bumper brace
¢£ Aluminum front lower A arm
¢£ Aluminum front upper arm
¢£ 30mm rod end adapter for aluminum front lower A arm
¢£ Aluminum front upper 23mm rod end adapter for A arm
¢£ Hybrid Front Shock Tower
¢£ Aluminum variable rear short A arm
¢£ Brass rear hub carrier
¢£ Brass rear suspension mount (D / E)
¢£ Aluminum idler shaft
¢£ Titanium ¦µ4.8mm rod end ball set
¢£ Graphite battery holder
¢£ Titanium coated shock shaft
¢£ Piston for big bore shock (¦µ1.4mm x 4 holes)