AC / DC Charger [Multicharger X2 AC Plus 260]

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\23,760 JPY
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\19,360 JPY
set content
X2 AC PLUS 260 main unit
1 2-pin / T-type (Deans type) connector
One connector cable (Tamiya type)
1 balance conversion code (for Tamiya Li-Fe)
2 balance conversion boards (JST-XH type)
1 AC input cable
Instruction manual

Built-in ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit ultra-high-speed processor. Processing capacity increased 20 times. Evolved into accurate and ultra-high-precision high-speed charging processing
Dual channel AC / DC charger with intuitive and easy button operation interface
Each channel has 130W output and can charge two types of batteries at the same time.
Powerful charging of up to 6 cells of Li-Po battery with maximum charging current of 14A
LCD screen with 128 x 64 dot matrix cool white backlight for easy viewing
It can also be a regulated power supply (DC power supply) of 130W x 2CH.
Efficient cooling with a powerful cooling fan that uses an aluminum heat sink and sleeve bearings
DC input voltage supports 11V to 18V. Can also be used with car battery power
AC input voltage is universal and supports 100V to 220V worldwide.
Equipped with USB output 5V 2.1A (10W) port

basic specifications
Compatible batteries: Li-Po. Li-Fe. Li-Ion. Li-HV. Ni-MH. Ni-Cd. PB (lead)
Number of supported cells: Li-Po / Li-Fe / Li-ion / Li-HV: 1 to 6 cells
Ni-MH / Ni-CD: 1 to 15 cells
PB: 2 to 20V
Input voltage: AC 100V to 240V DC 11V to 18V
Charging current: 130W (0.1-14A) x 2CH 2 channels total 260W
Discharge current: 10W x 2 0.1 to 2.0A x 2CH
Balanced port current: up to 500mA / cell
Trickle charge current: 50-300mA / Off (Ni-MH / Ni-CD)
Memory function: Up to 10 memories
Display type: 128 x 64 dot matrix LCD screen
Display backlight: Cool white
DC power output: 5 to 25V / 0.1 to 14.0A 130W x 2
USB output port: 5V 2.1A
Dimensions: 160 x 150 x 71 mm
Weight: 896 g
Functions: Charge / Discharge / TVC (Li system. charge end voltage) / Li system storage (save function) / Ni system cycle mode / Battery checker / Battery internal resistance meter / 10 setting memories / PB battery AGM & Cold function / Various safety protection Complete function