Protection of individual information policy of RC-ART

RC-ART Internet shopping site that the RC-ART CO.,Ltd. offers pays the maximum attention and the effort to the customer's protection of privacy and individual information when the customer uses this site. When the Internet shopping site is used, a RC-ART will register individual information on customer's name, the address, the telephone number, and the mail address, etc. , and recognize an extremely important thing the protection. This information is the one in such recognition to inform everybody of the policy concerning the individual information on RC-ART handling. It is considered that it agrees to this "Privacy rule" when the service of the RC-ART net shop is used.

1.Management of information
RC-ART takes necessary measures of the thoroughness in the maintenance of the security system and maintenance and the employee education of the system of in-house management etc. for appropriate management of individual information, executes the security precaution etc. , and does strict management of individual information.

Input information is encrypted in a RC-ART with software named SSL(Secure Socket Layer) for the security when customer's information is transmitted.

2.Purpose of use
After notifying the purpose of use, I will keep individual information within the necessary range when individual information will be kept.

RC-ART never discloses data that specifies the individual for the customer without permission in the third party.

Customer's individual information is used as an addressee of the product sending out and the information mail service from RC-ART.

3.Prohibition of offer of individual information to third party
RC-ART net shop will do individual information, except when individual information that was going to be kept from the customer is appropriately managed, and it corresponds to the following either and I do neither indication nor the offer to any third party.

When there is the customer's agreement.

When our company indicates it within the necessary range to do service in which the customer is hoped the business consignment ahead.

4.It reviews it with observing the law strictly.
To observe the law and the restriction applied for individual information strictly, and to persist in the protection of customer's individual information further in RC-ART, the approach in which the above-mentioned articles can be put is reviewed if necessary, and improved.

5.Correction, suspension, and indication
Indication, the correction, and the suspension of individual information can be done according to a special form (member menu) on Web.

6.Use of cookie
Some information is preserved in the file that is called a cookie in RC-ART. It is neither used Cookie to inspect, and to shop ..this site.. conveniently, not nor the one to violate customer's privacy, and it never influences harmfully to customer's computer. It becomes impossible log in and to use the shopping cart, and it is not possible to shop though it is also possible to refuse to receive Cookie according to the setting of Web-browsers.