Super Capacitor Killer Bomb

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\5,400 JPY
Sale price:
\5,000 JPY
Brushless Other Parts/CAPACITOR
NYD circuit
The first original product!
You too are captivated by Killer Bomb!

Improved rotation speed!
Battery durability UP!
Achieved a light weight of about 22g including the cable!

Connect the wire marked in red to the plus side of the ESC and the wire without the red mark to the minus side.
This product does not have a reverse connection prevention function. so be careful of wiring shorts when connecting.
Damage caused by incorrect wiring is at your own risk.
In order to shorten the life of this product. first turn off the power of the ESC and then pull out the wire.
Due to its high capacity. it is charged even after the battery is removed. so be careful of short circuits between the terminals.
This product is a regular replacement part. so we do not recommend installing it for many years.