Bargain 7 PX 2.4 GHz T - FHSS SR / T - FHSS / S - FHSS / FASST Transceiver Set Receiver: R 334 SBSX2

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\91,800 JPY
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\51,400 JPY
Parts Bargain Item/TX SET
In the car prop for a while. Futaba completed the highest grade propo remaining in RC history.
7PX was born. The biggest attraction is the adoption of the 4.3 inch full color LCD and touch panel.
Not only as an interface that can be input intuitively. of course. using a telemetry system. a fresh and easy-to-understand display design when reading information from the car is a completely new sensation!
In addition. the newly developed system T - FHSS SR (super response) realizes the fastest operation response by increasing the operation instruction interval to servo by 2.5 times compared with the conventional one.
In addition. it supports T-FHSS mode which can use the telemetry function. S-FHSS mode which can use up to 7 channels. FASST-C2 mode which can use receiver for T4PK. it is possible to switch according to the scene .

* In the T - FHSS SR system. the telemetry function can not be used.
* For the T - FHSS SR system. SR compliant servo is required.

Up to 7 channels can be controlled
Receiver battery voltage. temperature of the engine cylinder and motor case. even the number of revolutions and the voltage of the external power supply. there are many items that the racing driver always wants to keep track of.
The telemetry system installed in the T7PX displays these valuable information on the display in real time.
It is possible to confirm on the control board and reflect it on driving.

[7PX function / specification]
Equipped with 2.4 GHz telemetry system (T - FHSS SR / T - FHSS / S - FHSS / FASST - C2 compatible)
R334 SBS telemetry receiver (T - FHSS SR / T - FHSS compatible)
LiFe battery (1700 mAh) attached as standard
Left-handed correspondence
Trigger position variable mechanism
4.3 inch color TFT-LCD
Touch panel
Pilot lamp (blue)
Clock function
microSD card slot (card optional)
Telemetry reading function (speaker / earphone)
Receiver voltage display function
External voltage display (option sensor)
Temperature display (option sensor)
Rotation number display (option sensor)
GPS display (option sensor)
Stability gyro sensitivity adjustment function
Steering mixing with Ackerman adjustment
Front and rear independent brake mixing (with delay · ABS function)
Gyro Mixing
4WS Mixing
Dual ESC mixing
Program Mixing
CPS Mixing
Tank Mixing
Neutral brake function
40 model memory
Model name (15 characters)
MC link function (MC960CR / MC940CR / MC950CR / MC851C // compatible with MC850C / MC602C / MC601C / MC402CR / MC401CR
S.BUS servo setting function installed
Anti-skid brake system (ABS)
Idle up
Throttle Speed
Throttle Cut
Throttle Acceleration
Throttle / brake curve
Throttle ATL
Mechanical ATL
Throttle mode selection function (5: 5/7: 3/10: 0)
Steering Curve
Steering speed
D / R
EPA function (all Ch)
Sub Trim (All Ch)
Function select dial / switch
Digital trim
Battery fail safe)
Timer (Up Timer / Down Timer / Lap Timer / Lap Navigate Timer: Record up to 80 laps)
Index table
Gear ratio table

Transmitter / T7PX
Receiver / R 334 SBS