Damper lever ratio control plate black

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GRK3 Suspension relationship
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Adaptive chassis

· GRK 3 (rear A arm specification) optional parts

· Optional parts of GRK global · global standard series (rear A-arm specification)

Description of item

R31G078 GRK GS2 RWD rear knuckle · [R31W 379] GRK 3 This is an aluminum lever control plate developed exclusively for rear knuckles.

[R31W379] GRK3 By attaching to the rear knuckle. it is possible to change the adjustment of the damper stroke and the lever ratio.

By attaching the damper to the position away from the rear knuckle. the movement of the damper becomes the hard direction and it can be set in the soft direction by attaching the damper to the position to be close to the rear knuckle.

Points to remember when installing this product

When installing this product. we recommend that you change to a long damper shaft such as R31W 383 32mm damper shaft (titanium coat) etc. because GRK global · global standard series and GRK3s genuine damper shaft length is short.


· Lever ratio control plate 1 left and right

· Low filling shock lower bowl 2

· M3 5 mm button bars 4

· M3 10 mm button bisection 2

· M3 2 mm spacer 2

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