YD-2 series belt converter ver.1 purple 1 set included

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\27,864 JPY
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\22,700 JPY
YD-2 belt converter/YD-2 chassis etc/YD-2 SP set
New experience throttle response with YD-2! !!
Get the advantage of total laps! !!

By making the overall shape lighter. the response is improved! !!
There is a response to controllability even with rough throttle work.

¡ü Can be used by replacing the YD-2 unit
¡ü Battery position and motor position layout can be adjusted freely

* Original damper stay is included.
Yokomos damper stays can be used with the following product numbers.
Y2-017S. Y2-018ARS. Y2-018SG
* You can use the upper deck of YD-2E.
* When replacing the normal Yokomo gear box. use a universal bone that is about 2 mm shorter.

set content
Upper deck plate x 1
Bulk base plate x 1
Rear bulk R & L x 1 each
Motor plate x 1
Damper stay base plate x 1
Damper stay x 1
Flange collar (resin) x 2
Center shaft x 1
Center pulley (14T) x 1
Solid axle x 1
Spar holder x 1
Belt (150mm) x 1
O-ring (for differential unit) x 2
Diff pulley (39T) x 1
Direct cup x 2
Drive cup protector x 2
Needle pin (2 x 9.8 mm) x 2
E ring (4 mm) x 1
Flange pipe (metal) x 1
Nut (M3) x 1
Color (M3 x 2mm) x 1
Color (M3 x 4mm) x 3
Color (M4 x 3 mm) x 1
Bearing (1050F) x 2
Bearing (840F) x 2
Bearing (1510) x 2
Cap screw (M2.6 x 5 mm) x 3
Button screw (M3 x 6 mm) x 2
Button screw (M3 x 10mm) x 3
Button screw (M3 x 16 mm) x 1
Plate screw (M3 x 6 mm) x 12
Plate screw (M3 x 8 mm) x 2
Enamel screw (M3 x 3mm) x 2