Nissan · S13 Silvia

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NISSAN/195¡Á199mm Body
A full model change to the S13 type of the fifth generation in May 1988 . Nissan Silvia appeared along with the slogan Art Force Sylvia in the futuristic styling .
The award-winning Japan Car of the Year . etc. Good Design Award . the beautiful design has gained immense popularity as a date car . but the popularity of the true faces the sporty running that middle class FR vehicle . which has been less time When you are . it is a great car unabated popular even now you have 20 years or more from the sale by the abundance of the tuning parts it becomes very popular . such as circuit and mountain pass .
CA18DET type of turbo engine and NA CA18DE engine type 1800cc has been mounted on the S13 type . but was changed to SR20DET SR20DE type and type of 2000cc with minor changes in 1991 . There is a grade -conscious playing cards Js . Qs and Ks in the S13 type . there is also a series that was conscious of playing cards as well as club collection diamond selection . to 1992 in 1990 .
180SX of retractable light hatchback body is released as brothers car in 1989 . this place was popular .

01SUPERBODY Nissan · S13 Silvia product information

¢¡ clear body data
¡þ total length / Length ... 463mm ¡þ full width / Width ... 195mm ¡þ Height / Height ... 131mm ¡þ Wheelbase / Wheelbase ... 260mm
¢¡ Accessories
High Definition decal . masking film . dedicated rear spoiler . intercooler duct ¢¨ only light cover is sold separately .

¢¨ body of the photograph is a complete Photo- paint . Body body . wing parts . etc. are all unpainted .
¢¨ running chassis . tire . wheel . illumination LED. side mirrors . muffler . license plate . LED light cover is not attached to this product.
¢¨ wheel of the photograph . we use the White ( 5 / rear offset ... 7 ... front offset ) YOKOHAMA AVS VS6 Mikuni factory manufactured . ( Painted in satin silver anodized aluminum )
¢¨ The headlight lenses and the like in the photo . I am using wrap up next manufactured by real 3D decal .
¢¡ ( Go to the drift kit page ) here made ​​recipes of body