Brass suspension holder C for YD-2 / BD 8 C (46.4 - 49.6 mm)

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\2,354 JPY
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\2,160 JPY
YD-2 suspension/YD-4 suspension
Team Suzukis YD-2 and BD 8 series suspension holder.
The shape is equivalent to a genuine suspension mount made by Yokomo. increasing the weight by making the material brass. it becomes an item useful for adjusting the weight balance of the machine.
It is about 7.4 g weight increase compared to genuine aluminum suspension mount per suspension holder.

Generally speaking of the weight increase to match the race regulation. it is common to separately install steel and lead weights. but because of the slimmer machines that are currently installed. there are few places to mount. so this suspension holder By using different materials. you can save space and lower center of gravity.
If it is simply mounted as a weight. it is mounted on the front rear side and the rear front side in order to concentrate the heavy load. but by changing the pitching movement by installing it on the front front side or the rear rear side daringly It is effective as setting.
As with the genuine products. the width between the suspender can be set finely by replacing the five types of attached adapters.