Bargain YD-2SX 2

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\49,800 JPY
Kit Bargain Item/EP DRIFT KIT
YD-2 SX? kit newly introduced with the newest ST system newly now inherited the strongest legend!

YD - 2 SX II which is equipped with the latest curved type slide rack steering system as standard as the YD - 2 S series of high mount motors boasting overwhelming fighting power on low grip road surface is the appearance!
In this years RCDC All Japan Championship RWD class. the number of contestants was the highest in the past. and the level was very high and it got really exciting!
Among them. YD-2SX boasts an overwhelming use rate that leaves the strongest name in the competition scene. most of the players of the best eight entries adopted. and the team Yokomos Yoshinobu Haya who won won the roundiei to be released this time Victory on machine with slide rack ST system!
The YD - 2 SX II kit. which is the ultimate to be released this time. is standard equipped.

Roundly slide rack ST system installed
With standard equipment of high precision curved slide rack steering system made of aluminum / carbon. steering feeling smooth and habitless is realized from the start of cutting steering to maximum steering angle.

New steering block adopted
Based on the latest setting. the steering block which adopted the trail / kingpin angle setting was adopted at the front.
Adopted the new upper hub carrier which increased the upper arm mounting position and expanded the setting width of the rear.

Rear short arm adopted aluminum shock tower
Popular optional parts with overwhelming rear traction performance. rear short arm as standard!
The rear shock tower was also standard equipped with aluminum which is luxurious in bevel edge treatment.