(Limited) YD-2SX II Red Ver. Chassis kit

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\66,960 JPY
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\56,910 JPY
Fully Limited Production The chassis kit comes out limited to YD - 2 SX II. which is equipped with the latest bending type slide rack steering system as standard.
Colored with red alumite. aluminum parts produce a passionate clothing and make the strongest name stand out.

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Since the red alumite version will be fully limited production. we will not sell the red version parts separately.

It is exclusively for Short LiPo battery.
The image is an assembled image. Battery. RC Mechanics are not included.
- The YD-2S series of high mount motors boasting overwhelming combat power on low grip road surface is the appearance of YD - 2 SX II which equipped the latest curved type slide rack steering system as standard!
High precision curved slide rack steering system made of aluminum / carbon as standard equipment realizes smooth and unhindered steering feeling from the start of cutting steering to maximum steering angle.
The front has adopted the steering block which set the trail / King pin angle setting based on the latest setting.
Adopted the new upper hub carrier which increased the upper arm mounting position and expanded the setting width of the rear.
- The most popular optional parts with overwhelming rear traction performance. the rear short arm are equipped as standard! The rear shock tower was also standard equipped with aluminum which is luxurious in bevel edge treatment.