YD-2 For E series (CG made upper deck included) Roundly ST slide rack bulkhead set

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\17,480 JPY
YD-2 steering linkage
Steering operation more direct and smooth!
High precision steering rack for YD - 2 series is newly released!

¢£ By adopting a high precision slide rack. the play around the steering wheel is reduced to the limit.
As a result. compared to existing wiper specifications. it has a significant improvement in steering direct feeling and suppression of hunting.
¢£ By designing the main body shape to a curved type. it also eliminated the interference with the tie rod at the maximum turning angle that was also a negative point in the linear type slide rack.
Even drifting with a deep angle can afford a margin of traveling.
¢£ By slanting the body of the slide rack forward at an angle. it reduces the amount of bump change when steering is turned off. smooth steering characteristics without habit from the start of cutting of the steering to the maximum turning angle It was made possible.

* For YD - 2E series. dedicated matte graphite made upper deck is attached.