Restocked in late May PANDEM GR Supra Drift Body

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\6,458 JPY
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\5,980 JPY
Window decal included

Introducing the long-awaited drift body! The glamorous silhouette of the GR Supra. which has received the most attention in actual vehicle drift. and the powerful PANDEM aero parts has already become a hot topic among drift users.
While the entire body is integrally molded in consideration of user-friendliness. Yokomos original molding technology faithfully uses Yokomos original molding technology to faithfully model the PANDEM aero with large irregularities such as the front grille. rear underskirt. and deep side constrictions. It is reproduced.
While taking advantage of the attractive lines of the beautifully curved A90 Supra. the sharp line work gives it a realistic finish that you wouldnt expect from a radio-controlled car body.

* The photo is an example of painting and mounting. The product is made of clear polycarbonate. so painting is required to use it.
* The vehicle body of this product is manufactured under the approval of Toyota Motor Corporation.