3 days limited special price YD-2 SPLUS Black Version With DPP-302V4

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\39,744 JPY
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\32,380 JPY
As a step-up model for beginners and intermediates. we will deliver a special model with color alumite parts attached to the YD-2S Plus kit recommended as a base machine for advanced users. and a high-end steering gyro DP-302V4 attached! The base machine is the conventional Plus series. but the aluminum shock and spur gear hol his dar are color anodized. and the V4 gyro is also color coordinated. Although it is a limited quantity. it is a very affordable model with the price unchanged. so please take this opportunity to purchase it!

The YD-2 has now won the drift world championship for the second time in a row. and when it runs well on any road surface. it is the worlds No. 1 thanks to its reputation and usage rate. However. if a tire with a low grip is specified in the competition. and if it is on a P tile road surface with a low grip. it is not possible to run aggressively. Therefore. we developed the YD-2S Plus. which has the acronym S for slipping. The YD-2S Plus. which specializes in slippery road surfaces. uses a newly developed hybrid chassis (carbon + resin side guard) and a high mount motor type for the newly developed dedicated low gearbox. In order to further enhance the road surface handling capability. the motor position can be adjusted in 3 steps (not too high and not too low). and the battery (dedicated to short lipo) mounting position can be adjusted vertically and horizontally (3 steps in the front-back direction). It has made it possible to drive aggressively even on low-grip road surfaces.

Major features
¢£ Overall length: 425mm
¢£ Overall width: 198mm
¢£ Wheelbase: 256mm
¢£ Secondary reduction ratio: 1: 2.6
¢£ All equipment weight: 1500g
¢£ High mount motor
¢£ 4-gear rear transmission
¢£ Newly designed sealed gear box
¢£ Four-wheel independent double wishbone suspension
¢£ High-performance super low friction Aluminum vehicle height adjustable oil damper
¢£ Graphite main chassis
¢£ Aluminum front shock tower
¢£ Graphite rear shock tower
¢£ Motor position 3-step adjustable aluminum motor mount plate
¢£ RWD dedicated high angle steering system
¢£ 49mm bone rear universal shaft
¢£ Narrow scrub knuckle
¢£ Large rear diffuser

Assembly kit

Necessary items for driving: 2-channel radio set (transmitter / receiver / speed controller / servo). battery (Li-po 2 cell). charger. tire. wheel. motor. body. paint for polycarbonate