(Scheduled to arrive at the end of September 2022)Master Drift MD 1.0

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\106,920 JPY
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\99,000 JPY
Advanced and novel. Yokomos best performance is born here! A new RWD drift car with the title of Master Drift
MD 1.0 is a high-end machine that incorporates functions and structures for drifting.
From the drive system to the suspension. it is the content that embodies the demands of his drift experts.
Graphite suspension arms are used for the first time in a drift car. MD 1.0 is a symbolic suspension that inherits the concept of a racing machine. and by making it a suspension type. it creates a great advantage for drift cars.
Although it has a simple shape. the degree of freedom is increased by setting the suspension alignment. and it is possible to freely set up the vehicle width. skid angle. roll center. etc.
The drive system is a high-precision design that is held by an aluminum bulkhead.
The kit standard is a 3-gear transmission with positive torque. but by adding a counter gear and rearranging it. you can use it with a 4-gear anti-torque specification. and you can set the traction balance according to your driving style.
Despite its slim and simple appearance. the MD 1.0 is truly a racing drift machine with a wide range of pockets that can be used for any setting.
Of course. from the chassis rigidity balance to the design. it is the ultimate gem designed for drift experts who are particular about it.

RWD gear drive drift car
2.4mm thick lightweight graphite chassis
Vertical mount Graphite upper deck
Suspension type graphite suspension arm
Aluminum rear bulkhead for both 3 and 4 gears
Differential height adjustment (3 stages)
New ultra-light slide rack steering system
Graphite rear ESC mount
Adjustable motor position (13 levels)
Front and rear aluminum shock towers
Big bore aluminum low friction shock
Lightweight graphite battery holder
Aluminum rod end adapter
Aluminum steering stopper