CDR-8000L AC / DC input compatible 600W MAX16A dual balanced charger

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Charger for Lithium. NiCd. NiMH. Lead Battery

Product features

Introducing the MAX600W MAX16A dual balanced charger with AC / DC input!
Since it supports AC / DC input. it can be used in various environments.
It is a charger that matches all genres of drones. airplanes. and helicopters as well as radio-controlled cars.
Since it has a high power of 300W even with AC input. it does not require a regulated power supply even when charging the battery of a large airplane such as F3A.
The operation is easy. it can be operated with only two dials. and it can be operated intuitively in 6 languages.
Furthermore. it is equipped with a wireless charging function and can be charged simply by placing a compatible smartphone.
It is also equipped with USB. so you can charge peripheral devices from here as well.

* Lithium polymer batteries are extremely dangerous if mishandled.
Always keep an eye on the battery while charging in case of an emergency.

Functions / specifications
・ 600W 16A Dual Balance Charger
・ Input voltage: AC 100-120V DC 9.0-3 2.0V
・ Output voltage: 0.1 to 30V
・ Output current: 0.1 to 16A x 2
・ Output power: AC: 300W (CH1 + CH2 = 300W) DC: 300W x 2
・ Discharge current: 0.1-3.0A
・ Balance current: Maximum 1000mA / cell
・ Compatible battery: LiPo / LiHv / LiFe / Lilon: 1-6S
NiCd / NiMH: 1-16S
Lead battery: 2 to 24V 1 to 12S
・ USB installed: 5V / 2.1A
・ Built-in smartphone wireless charger * Some smartphones do not support this.
  Charging current MAX10W Compatible models: iPhoneX iPhoneXS Samsung S8 Huawei P30 Pro Xiaomi9 etc.
・ Built-in servo test function * SR mode and 760 μs mode servos are not supported.
・ Language: English (English). Deutsch (German). Francais (French). Japanese. Simplified Chinese. Traditional Chinese
・ LCD screen: 3.5 inch 480x320
・ Dimensions and weight: 125x119x76mm 790g