Bargain TAO (Pearl White)

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\10,584 JPY
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\4,800 JPY
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By freely changing the characteristics of Tachyon LUXON by this product. you can enjoy a wider setting according to the category / course layout.
High Speed ​​· Brake strengthening and other changes as well as temperature control using the radiation thermometer allows you to check the concrete values ​​on the LCD screen while balancing the driving performance and the power source on the spot Sporty performance which is not unprecedented is also possible. such as exploring the best setting.
To make it easy to use. the Tao body has five preset data according to the category. In addition. three types of data can be saved by the user.
Of course. PC is unnecessary when using usual. data can be transmitted and received by connecting Takions RX cable to Tao.

Equipped function (It expanded significantly compared with the original plan posted in Takions Manual)

1. Frequency setting

In addition to the drive frequency. neutral brake and brake frequency can be set independently. (Each

2. Power setting

Apart from the above frequency setting. the initial speed · neutral brake · brake