Bargain XARVIS RD (red)

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\19,224 JPY
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\15,000 JPY
Parts Bargain Item/Brushless ESC
Pursuit of FLAT · SMOOTH · DIRECT output characteristics.
By countering energy and loss from zero base. we acquired different throttle response.
Boost · Turbo equipped brushless ESC with ALL category corresponding to wired communication with TAO 2


Optimized circuit design to achieve flat and direct output characteristics

E.S.C.. of course. leads to motor performance degradation Energy · Ross.
As for E.S.C. for RC which can be said to be an extremely special high load environment for electronic parts.
To further optimize the balance between output and efficiency. refine from element level to circuit design thoroughly.
Besides strengthening vibration resistance performance. we have further improved drive feeling and low heat generation of ESC and motor.
Flat. smooth. and direct output characteristics are easy to handle even for advanced users as well as advanced users.
It demonstrates its potential in all categories.

Stylish aluminum body based on thoroughly calculated heat dissipation design

In adopting the aluminum body. the total volume which quickly absorbs the heat generation of the substrate.
We thoroughly balanced from both sides of securing the surface area to dissipate the heat quickly.
Shaving out unique gloss Body is a stylish tatamido that impresses its presence at a glance.

3D-Bridge structure that maximizes the effect of dedicated high-performance FAN (sold separately)

On the top of the case. with the motif [X] which is the initial letter of the product name [XARVIS]
Radiate Design which guides the air current to the four sides is arranged.
Against hot air bodies that will inevitably arise.
We have constructed a 3D-Bridge structure that secures its flow path and realizes high heat dissipation.
When using a dedicated FAN (sold separately). higher cooling performance is demonstrated.

Change of setting data by TAO II · Compatible with memory (wired communication only)

By using TAO II. setting items · value greatly expanded.
Driveability dramatically improves.
Also. since communication with TAO II uses the LINK terminal installed in front of XARVIS.
There is no need to replace the RX cable from the receiver as before.
Caution Connection with brain unit (OP-15012) and i-Light. Bluetooth communication with TAO II.
Data logger function is not supported.

Integrated switch and set button into body

Minimize wiring and make mounting on the chassis easy.

Black color is adopted for all cables

We unified each cable to popular black color.

Non boost. non turbo state can be seen with LED

When the boost turbo is not used. the LED flashes.
It also supports regulations that restrict the use of these functions.

Specifications · Specs

Power source used
6.0 V to 7.4 V (battery type is not necessary)

Continuous · instantaneous maximum current
Up to battery generation maximum current

ON resistance value
0.27 m (FET standard value)

Applicable motor
Sensed motor unlimited (when boost and turbo is disabled)

W 30.5 D 35.0 H 20.5 mm (not including projection)

Weight (ESC body)
50.6 g

Regulator for receiver / servo
6V 3A output