S.BUS-TAO3 Auto Link Adapter

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In addition to the conventional LINK function for changing settings and logging data for FUTABA S.BUS system-compatible ESCs (including MC970CR and MC971CR) such as XARVIS XX with a FUTABA S.BUS system-compatible transmitter﹞ this new S.BUS link adapter is equipped with an auto-select function that automatically recognizes when TAO風 is connected at the same time.
The receiver and ESC are connected as before.
Fix the TAO風 connection connector (cable length 200 mm) branching off from the adapter body to a desired location on the chassis﹞ and connect to this connector when using TAO風.
When using an S.BUS system-compatible transmitter and TAO風 together﹞ there is no need to replace the cable on the LINK terminal side﹞ greatly improving convenience.
* The LINK function with the S.BUS system is the same as the S.BUS link adapter (OP-15127)﹞ S.BUS adapter (OP-15067)﹞ and SBM-1 (accessory for FUTABA MC970CR and MC971CR).
*The cable on the LINK terminal side that connects to the ESC is removable. By replacing it with our RX cable﹞ you can change the length to suit the layout of the vehicle. (The LINK side cable for this product is 100 mm)
*The transmitter does not have a function to save ESC setting data.
By using TAOIII in addition﹞ you can save and manage setting data and use a variety of preset data.
*In order to use the latest functions﹞ it may be necessary to update the ESC﹞ this product﹞ transmitter﹞ and receiver.
(Click here for how to update XARVIS)
(Click here for how to update XARVIS XX and S.BUS Link Adapter (this product))
(Please refer to the Futaba website for how to update the transmitter and receiver)
*The telemetry function cannot be used with the Futaba receiver [R334SBS / R334SBS-E] when using the T-FHSS SR system.
When using the telemetry function﹞ switch to the T-FHSS system.
*S.BUS is a proprietary communication standard developed by Futaba Corporation.
*When changing settings or performing telemetry communication with the transmitter﹞ please switch the setting mode of the ESC body to the following mode.

[XARVIS: Program card mode (see instruction manual﹞ p. 10)]

[XARVIS XX: LINK mode (see instruction manual﹞ p. 10)]

When any ESC is in the above mode﹞ the standby LED will be lit or flashing red (other LEDs will also be lit depending on the setting state). (The changed setting mode will be stored even if the ESC is turned off.)

If the setting mode is not switched﹞ an error will occur when communicating with the transmitter and settings will not be changed or telemetry communication will not be possible. Also﹞ be sure to use the ESC in the above mode while driving.

[Body size]
H15.5 ﹣ W28.0 ﹣ D9.0 [mm] / Weight 7g (including cable)

迭 Main body
迫 LINK cable (100mm) for ESC connection x 1
迤 Male-male color cable (150mm) for TAO風 connection x 1
◢ LINK cable can be replaced with our RX cable
◢ Cable with female connector (200mm) for connecting 迤 and cable for receiver connection (70mm) are soldered to the adapter body